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Student Portal

This page highlights some of what you can find on or through this website.


Figure out what you like and what you’re good at: Interest inventories

I want to be a … I’ll know it when I see it … I’m not really sure … Explore occupations at

Finding the college for you

What could I do besides college? Lots of options for continuing your education

Expand your options

Get credit outside the classroom: Extended Learning Opportunities

Get work experience. Tips on keeping your part-time job. Watch a 5-minute video on tips for a successful job shadow.

Apprenticeship bridges the gap between school and the world of work.

Try out accommodations. Experiment with productivity tools that help you do things more quickly, easily, or independently.

Evaluate and prepare

Understand your disability: brief fact sheets on many disabilities. Information about learning disabilities.

Think if and what you’ll tell people about your disability. Disclosure guide

Get ready to manage your own healthcare. Check out the Ready, Set, Go! Healthcare Checklist.

What do I need to learn to live on my own?

Make it happen

Talk with your family to prepare for your IEP meeting. Watch some videos to better understand your IEP.

Learn to run your own life. Practice self-determination.

Learn about disability supports at colleges in and near NH.

Be inspired by famous people with disabilities.

Work with a Voc Rehab (VR) counselor. They can help with career exploration and education funding.

To see everything available on this website, go to the Everything About Transition Planning Framework.