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Developing and Sustaining ELO Programs

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A two-hour workshop for administrators and key Next Steps NH project staff. Introductory level, covers:

  • Essential components of an ELO and a successful ELO program—
  • Examples of ELOs for students with disabilities and students at risk
  • Resources to support an ELO program
  • —Evaluation measurements/strategies



Course outline

Topic Time Handouts
Introductions, do pretest, review Next Steps project and implementation science, review learning objectives and agenda 20 min
Overview of ELOs: defining them, reviewing data, available resources

  • Activity 1: Quick snapshot of ELOs in your school (10 min)
  • Activity 2: Measuring success (10 min)
30 min
Sustaining the work: review of key support area and needs

  • Activity 3: Stages of implementation (10 min)
25 min
Program evaluation: clarifying objectives, identifying anticipated outcomes, creating an action plan

  • Activity 4: Action plan (15 min)
25 min
Wrap-up, post-test and evaluation 10 min

Updated 3/9/16