Free Statewide 6-Week Online Transition Planning Course

December 14, 2017 Update Next Steps NH has opened a waitlist for our FREE 6-week online training, Best Practices in Transition Planning, for New Hampshire high school professionals and families of transition-age youth with disabilities. The course will be offered on the Canvas online learning platform and includes a combination of videos, PowerPoint slides, handouts and activities. Taught by Heidi Wyman, the course will be open from January 15, 2018 through February 23, 2018. Expect to spend a total of six hours on the course, spread over the six weeks. Best Practices in Transition Planning course and waitlist registration information

Transition Summit 2017 Materials

December 6, 2017 Presentation materials from many of the sessions from the November 2017 Transition Summit are now available. Check back every week or so for more – we’re adding them as presenters get them to us.

The PowerPoints and session handouts are in a Google Drive folder, sorted by session number (A1, B2, etc). Summit session handouts.

Free EBSCO Access for All Educators in NH

""November 16, 2017 The Habit of Mind Partnership is delighted to provide access to a stellar array of full-text articles and e-books, filled with information on evidence-based practices in education that can enhance your professional development and your students’ learning opportunities, engagement and outcomes.  Use the Habit of Mind Portal (password HOM) to stay current and research best practices as published by the top thought leaders in education, sociology, psychology, diversity, and other key topics.  Search by topic/subject, thought leader/author, or title, and be sure to sign up for the opportunity to receive updates on each through the Folder functionality in order to sustain and enhance your ongoing professional development.

Enjoy unlimited access to these resources at no cost, thanks to generous discounting by EBSCO and equally generous funding by the NH Department of Education.

Conceived by the National Collaborative for Digital Equity at New England College, in close collaboration with the NH Department of Education, New Hampshire National Education Association, and EBSCO, the Habit of Mind Partnership is dedicated to providing educators with lowest possible cost access to a vast array of full-text resources on evidence-based practices in education. —news release from Habits of Mind Partnership

Really Short Cohort 4 School Updates

""November 1, 2017 We’re in the second year working with our Cohort 4 schools in New Hampshire.  All schools are working on transition planning and ELOs, and two are also implementing RENEW. The updates are meant to show the range of project activities – not comprehensive reports – some of the schools are engaged in similar activities.

Cohort 4 schools joined the project in June 2016 and will complete their work with us on June 30, 2018.

Exeter: Staff participated in transition planning training and follow-up coaching. To facilitate increased ELO engagement with students-at-risk and students with disabilities, the Leadership Team decided… (Read rest of Cohort 4 Updates)

Next Steps NH

The Next Steps NH project provides professional development and coaching to selected New Hampshire high schools for the purpose of increasing the graduation rate of students with disabilities, and students at risk. This is done through implementing evidence-informed transition planning practices that help students prepare for college, career, and adult life.

This website is part of the project and will house all tools and resources developed as part of the project.

View sitemap page for this website. Sitemap (MSWord), Sitemap (PDF)

Video of the Month

ADHD Sucks, But Not Really. A doctoral student mixes personal experience with scientific evidence about the silver lining of ADHD. 13:22-minutes.  Searchable video collection

Website Tour

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Transition Lingo

Transition:  the process of assisting youth to move from high school to the adult world.

College and Career Ready: having the skills, knowledge and abilities needed to enroll, persist, and succeed in college and other postsecondary training opportunities, and to gain entry into a meaningful career.

Postsecondary: Elementary school is primary education, high school is secondary education, and after high school is postsecondary education.

Download this activity as one of your next steps to develop everyday language explanations of transition terms.