The Voice of New Hampshire’s Young Adults

Cover of Voice of NH Young Adults reportFeb 10, 2017

The Voice of New Hampshire’s Young Adults (PDF, 125 pages) executive summary (PDF, 6 pages) is the report of a study that surveyed more than 4,330 young adults living in New Hampshire about their attitudes and perceptions surrounding substance misuse. The themes that emerged from the study have wide applicability in transition planning as well because they provide insights about this population in general. Who are these emerging adults and what’s important to them?

In surveys and focus groups, participants answered questions about their community, job opportunities, family structure, sense of optimism about future opportunities, most challenging issues in their lives, and barriers to a successful future. The report is a good read – clear language, good use of white space, lots of graphics. It’s organized around the themes and discussion threads that came out of the focus groups and survey results:

1. Community
2. Physical Environment
3. Communication Approaches
4. Job Opportunities and Growth
5. Generational Differences
6. Sense of Hope or Optimism
7. Perception of Substance Misuse
8. Substance Use
9. Consequences of Substance Misuse
10. Stress Coping Mechanisms
11. Key Strategies

MOST COMMON SOURCES OF HOPE: • Friends, family, and community • Opportunities for growth and learning • Seeing others succeed • Sense of control over one’s life MOST COMMON SOURCE OF DISCOURAGEMENT:• Economy or finances • Poor work ethic and immaturity of their generation • Government, politics, and world events • People disrespecting each other

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