New Resources for High School Seniors

We’ve created new pages for high school seniors who are about to graduate from high school, and their families.

Education Options After High School highlights the many ways to continue your education. The page connects to examples and information about options like apprenticeships, trade schools, college, certificate programs, and the military. It also explains accommodations.

Connecting with your college’s disability services office is important. College Disability Services in New Hampshire and Nearby States gives direct links to NH community and four-year colleges, as well as public colleges in Vermont, Massachusetts and Maine that are close to the New Hampshire border.

Clickable links take you directly to the disability services office at each college. Colleges list their disability services offices in different areas of their websites – it can sometimes be tricky to find them. Getting comfortable with their disability services office is an important step for students with disabilities since these offices are the doorway to setting up accommodations in classes. The staff can also be excellent coaches as students figure what they need to be successful and how to advocate for themselves.

We’d also like to highlight some pertinent articles from the past: