RENEW comes to Kennett High School!

Kennett High School in Conway, a Cohort One school with the Next Steps NH project, is doing great work implementing RENEW (Rehabilitation for Empowerment, Natural Supports, Education, and Work). Their implementation team is developing tools to help build program structures and enhance RENEW sustainability. This longer than usual blog entry describes RENEW and shares some of… Continue reading: RENEW comes to Kennett High School!

Transition Competencies for Special Education Teachers

We just released the first version of the Transition Competencies for Preservice Special Education Programs. The Next Steps NH project is working at the college and university level as well as the high school level. The college and university focus is to enhance preservice training programs to include more on transition planning, ELOs, and parent/family engagement. Developing these competencies was the… Continue reading: Transition Competencies for Special Education Teachers

Updates from Cohort 1 Schools

Cohort 1 schools have almost finished their first year with the Next Steps NH project. Kennett High School is hosting family engagement groups in the coming weeks and developing consistency in internal ELO (Extended Learning Opportunities) procedures using tools and materials provided through NH’s ELO Coordinators Ring. The school has matched RENEW (Rehabilitation for Empowerment, Natural Support,… Continue reading: Updates from Cohort 1 Schools

Cohort 1 Focus Areas for 2014-15

Cohort 1 schools are well underway with their planning processes: Kennett High School is focusing on: program structures for Extended Learning Opportunities and RENEW implementation completing the Transition Framework to guide their work this year and next aligning their action plan for Family Engagement with the District’s upcoming strategic planning process. Kingswood Regional High School is… Continue reading: Cohort 1 Focus Areas for 2014-15

Cohort 1 Schools Learn About RENEW This Summer

This summer our Cohort 1 schools are receiving RENEW training from our partners at the Institute on Disability at UNH. The training kicked off in June at Merrimack Valley High School. Members of their staff along with participants from Kingswood Regional High School, received an in-depth training in the RENEW model and its process to… Continue reading: Cohort 1 Schools Learn About RENEW This Summer

Cohort School Priorities and PALS II

First Cohort schools have informally identified areas of focus: RENEW ELOs Program Structures Family Engagement and Communication transition assessment breaking down silos for students The Regional Intermediaries have chosen PALS II (Participatory Adult Learning Strategy) as a coaching methodology. Regional Intermediaries will be developing specific checklists for the specific areas schools choose as priorities.

Home Page Design

This site is designed to promote evidence-informed transition practices, and to be a reference tool for good transition. The primary audience is students and educators/parents. The top menu gives quick access to big reference areas on the site. The side menu gives access to the site via a particular audience’s interests. We hope the overall design… Continue reading: Home Page Design