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Diagram showing how the parts of the IEP fit on a transition planning path (PDF), from Oregon.

Start with a conversation with the student about their goals for adult life: measurable postsecondary goals

Check out the Life After High School Transition Tool Kit (PDF) and some exemplar IEP transition plans.

Age-appropriate transition assessments give you valuable data for decision-making


Our Toolkit for Interagency Collaboration which includes an Agency Contact List tool.

NH Transition Communities of Practice (a way of working together)

Resources and training for partnering families and school staff. New Transition Fair Guide (PDF)!

Work-based learning provides powerful learning for students.


Explore options for education after high school, including college.

How does high school compare to college (PDF)? Disability supports at colleges.

Design a credit-bearing experience outside the classroom: Extended Learning Opportunities (ELOs). Get indepth information at

RENEW, a planning process for youth with emotional and behavioral challenges

Continuing Ed

Grow your own transition knowledge and skills, or help your whole school grow: Toolkit for Educators. Direct link to personal self-assessment tool (PDF).

Quick videos about the science behind successful implementation.

Federal and New Hampshire laws and practices.

Refresh your knowledge about transition basics.

Giant transition reference section: Everything About Transition Planning

This portal is for parents and educators of transition-aged youth (age 14 and older) and highlights SOME of the information and resources found on or via this website. Explore the menu bar at the top to see lots more.

To see everything available on this website, go to the Everything About Transition.