Engaging with Families and the Transition Process – Transition Coalition

The Transition Coalition offers an informative professional development module, Engaging with Families for aspiring special educators, special education teachers, and other transition service providers. Completing the approximately three-hour course will help you develop a foundational understanding of family systems with a focus on being culturally responsive when collaborating with families.

According to the Transition Coalition: “The goal of this module is to explore the unique strengths and challenges encountered when supporting families during transition, and to provide a framework for enhancing collaboration, overcoming barriers, and increasing family-professional partnerships.”

Participants are provided opportunities to reflect on their own practice and are challenged to integrate this new information into their work with families. The module includes three sessions full of resources and strategies:

  • Understanding family systems
  • Engaging diverse families in transition planning
  • Expanding the role of families in reaching transition outcomes.

You’ll need to create a free account before you get started. There is a pre-test of skills and knowledge upfront and then at the end, a post-test so that you can see your knowledge gain. Throughout each session you get a summaries and an open-ended reflection questions.

At the end you’ll receive a certificate of completion to document professional development hours.

This is a useful resource with a focus on a systems approach that give you a background of knowledge as well as practical strategies so you learn the  “why” as well as the “how”!

In addition to this module, the Transition Coalition website provides a range of resources and learning modules in support of increasing understanding in transition.