Community-Wide Issues and Evaluation

For students at risk and students with IEPs

Definition: Educators, community services providers, students, families, and employers work together to identify and address school and community-level transition education and services issues, including program development and evaluation, based upon the community context.

  • Profiles of real world examples of ways that different organizations work together to improve outcomes for youth, from the Interagency Working Group on Youth Programs (IWGYP), composed of representatives from 18 federal agencies that support programs and services focusing on youth.
  • Community of Practice information
  • The New Hampshire Coalition for Business and Education is a non-partisan organization composed of business, education, philanthropic and public policy leaders committed to improving the quality, access, and relevance of education for New Hampshire citizens of all ages.

Disability awareness videos to educate and raise awareness in the workplace. These are part of an End the Awkward Campaign in the United Kingdom. They're short (under a minute). An example:

End the Awkward YouTube channel