Program Evaluation

Definition: Ongoing program evaluation that includes analysis of post-school outcomes is used for community needs assessment and program improvement.

IMPACT: A Practical Guide to Evaluating Community Information Projects, from the Knight Foundation, helps organizations collect useful information about the effectiveness and impact of their community information projects by highlighting aspects of the evaluation process that are unique, challenging or critical in a community information context. Includes tools. PDF, 37 pages
  • NSTTAC Team Planning Tool for Improving Transition Education and Services (PDF, 29 pages, 2015). Planning tool for school–community teams to review and plan their strategies for implementing transition-focused education.NSTTAC Evaluation Toolkit (third edition). The toolkit helps you determine what is important to stakeholders, what needs to be measured, what is feasible to measure, how to measure these items, and how to report, disseminate, and use evaluation findings.
  • Beyond Compliance Training (March 2013) from the NH Department of Education. This was for school districts who went through the Indicator 13 compliance review process. Learn how to  use transition personnel competencies to review your secondary transition program structures and staff knowledge in order to identify improvement areas.
Consider cultural sensitivity when you design an evaluation. Interesting blog article on social justice in evaluation from the American Evaluation Association. Social justice is about power – who has it, who doesn’t. Evaluators need to understand their own sense of power and privilege as they enter into a community or program.