Strategic Planning

Definition: Strategic planning is conducted to identify and address school issues and services regarding transition education and services.


  • Structures and processes for systemic change
  • School issues and services


Implementation Science free online training at the AI Hub from the State Implementation & Scaling-up of Evidence-Based Practices Project (SISEP). Also see Implementation Science on this site.

Succinct overview of four strategic planning methods: SWOT, SCORE, SOAR and NOISE. The Next Steps NH project uses SOAR analysis.  SOAR is a strength-based method to create strategic plans. SOAR stands for:

  • Strength
  • Opportunities
  • Aspirations
  • Results

Introduction to the theory behind Communities of Practice from the Wenger-Traynor website.

Data reports available from NH Dept. of Education

Data on high school dropouts, completers, and graduates in NH

NH Early Warning System is a program that uses at-risk indicators to identify students as early as elementary school and provide effective and appropriate dropout-prevention strategies.