Interest Inventories

Interest inventories are questionnaires that ask you to rate your enjoyment and interest in a wide variety of activities. The results tell you about careers that people with similar preferences enjoy. There are thousands and thousands of interest inventories out there, and hundreds of them are good.

Try one!

MnCareers Interest Assessment

This is a quick, 42-statement online quiz from Minnesota.


o*net Interest Profiler

This is an online questionnaire with 60 questions about what you like and don’t like to do.



CareerZone Interest Profiler

A one statement per page interest inventory with happy/sad faces to rate the statements. There are 30-, 60- and 180-question versions. From the California Department of Education.


 Prefer paper over online?

O*net has assessments you can download and print:

Ability Profiler

Interest Profiler

Work Importance Locator


Picture Interest Career Survey

For non-readers. There is a cost – they come in packages of 25. It uses pictures to help people identify their occupational interests.



Explore more tools like these on the Transition Assessment reference page on this website.

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