Student Participation

Definition: All students are prepared to participate and do participate meaningfully in the development of their post-school goals and plans to achieve those goals, and in any relevant meetings.


  • Transition-focused planning begins no later than age 14
  • Planning team includes student, family members, and school and participating agency personnel, with an identified leader to call and lead the meetings at a mutually convenient place and time
  • Meetings are well-planned, and enough time is allowed to cover the agenda
  • Accommodations are made for communication needs (e.g., interpreters)
  • Referral to adult service provider(s) occurs prior to student’s exit from school
Map It: What Comes Next is a free, online, interactive training from Pepnet2 designed for transition-aged students who are deaf or hard of hearing. The training uses three questions: Who Am I?, What Do I Want?, How Do I Get There?