LifeCourse Nexus Tools to Support Employment Planning

LifeCourse Nexus, from the University of Missouri, Kansas City, has user friendly tools in the domain of Daily Life and Employment. They define this domain as what a person does as part of everyday life – school, employment, volunteering, communication, routines, and life skills. The tools would be helpful to teachers, students, and families as individuals think about how to effectively prepare for the transition to work.

The documents described below are all available as free PDF downloads on Lifecourse’s Daily Life and Employment page. Just scroll down that page and you’ll see them all.

  • You might begin the planning process with the one page Integrated Supports Star for Employment planning form to stimulate discussion around work strengths and assets, technology needs, community supports, and eligibility supports necessary for successful employment.
  • The Employment Guide (PDF, 20 pages, 2015) has a great overview with various activities that can be used in transition planning for daily life and work, including real stories from individuals with disabilities about daily life and work.
  • Two other employment planning tools worth mentioning are the Trajectory for Exploring for Employment and Trajectory for Planning Employment. These are both one page forms you can print on regular or legal size paper. The forms are simple and graphical and allow a student to map out a career trajectory based on their vision for a good life. The Exploring for Employment tool asks the participant to share insights into employment and obstacles they have encountered. The Planning Employment Tool engages participants in planning steps to employment in the context of their vision for work.

Explore the other Lifecourse tools too!