Light-hearted Video Promotion for ELOs from Merrimack Valley

Students and teachers at Merrimack Valley High School in Penacook, New Hampshire, are making great progress developing and expanding their Extended Learning Opportunity (ELO) program.  Patrick Kenney is Merrimack Valley High School’s functional skills program teacher and a part of the Next Steps NH team for Merrimack Valley. The team realized students might not know they could earn academic credits for real world learning, so Patrick created a student-friendly Google Slides presentation and shared it with all the students at Merrimack Valley to promote that learning can happen beyond the traditional school day.

Use the right arrow to move through the presentation. There’s a 1:07 minute video on the second slide that you’ll miss if you just click the play icon. There are 17 slides to click through after the video.

The presentation will also be shown to parents at Merrimack Valley’s Transition Night program on April 22, 2015.

Merrimack Valley has done great work this year with ELOs. They:

  • revised the format and system of applying for, creating, and submitting ELOs.
  • created a document, to meet the state standards, that encompasses student goals, competencies, and activities.
  • developed creative ELOs such as: Ethics & Economics Challenge, taught by a professor at Dartmouth College; Career Internship at a local physical therapy office; Entrepreneurship/Patent ELO, tracking the journey of patenting a high-grade computer security system made by a student; a Programming ELO,  and many more.

Janine Lescrinier, the school’s ELO coordinator, is working with students to develop several other ELOs, including a College Readiness ELO, and partnering with NHTI and the Penacook Community Center to create intergenerational opportunities for students, community seniors, and young children.

Note: Merrimack Valley is a Cohort One school with the Next Steps New Hampshire project.