New and Expanded Transition Assessment Resources

Check out the reorganized and expanded transition assessment resources on our website! Transition assessments are tools that help students identify their strengths, interests, skills, and/or knowledge needed to reach their goals for life after high school.

First, we added a brand new page, Transition Assessment FAQs, to our Resources for student-focused planning. It includes introductory questions and answers as well as more advanced ones, divided into categories of getting started, meeting students where they are, and deeper understanding.

Second, two pages have been updated. Transition Assessments in the IEP is part of our Transition IEP Tool. It covers Indicator 13 requirements for what must be included in the IEP regarding transition assessment. It also talks about the interplay of student voice and transition assessment, has some video snippets, and examples of what you might learn about a student from transition assessment and how you would write it in the IEP.

The Transition Assessments List is part of our Resources for student-focused planning. It provides links to many transition assessments in a variety of areas as well as compilations of assessments from other organizations and states. It has been cleaned up and updated.

And finally, we want to point out two recordings of past webinars:

We hope this helps you!