New Online Training on Secondary Transition

A new free online training, “Secondary Transition: Helping Students with Disabilities Plan for Post-High School Settings,” is available from the Iris Center at Vanderbilt University. Its focus is the transition process from high school to postsecondary settings. It covers IEP planning, engaging students in the process to become better advocates for their own needs, the importance of outside agencies such as vocational rehabilitation, and more.

The course design in based on the How People Learn (HPL) theory, which takes a problem or challenge-based approach to achieving a deep understanding. This approach helps balance the elements of learner, knowledge, assessment, and community centeredness in instructional settings.

The course begins with a challenge presented in a video, “Meet Luke. He’s an ordinary high school kid, an ordinary high school kid who has a disability….”  This is followed by initial thoughts, perspectives and resources, wrap-up, and assessment. Check it out!