Project School Updates

Wow! We’re currently supporting 11 schools around New Hampshire. Our first cohort is finishing up their work with Next Steps NH this December and the third cohort is just getting started. Following are REALLY short updates on each school. All schools are working on transition planning and ELOs, and many are also implementing RENEW. The updates are meant to show the range of activities – they are not comprehensive – many of the schools are engaged in similar activities.

Cohort 1

These schools finish their direct work with us in December. (Kennett completed their work with us in June 2015.)

Kingswood Regional: Piloting best practice ELOs, preparing to roll out school-wide guidelines, and providing teacher training to broaden understanding and support.

Mascoma Valley Regional: Planning for the end of project support and attending our Sustainability webinar series.

Merrimack Valley: Planning two resource fair/transition nights this fall and spring. Parent outreach group meets regularly.

Cohort 2

These schools finish their direct work with us in June 2016.

Lincoln Woodstock (Lin-Wood): Family engagement team is meeting regularly and strategizing on how to overcome geographic barriers in order to engage more parents.

Winnacunnet: Developed lots of ELO tools and resources. Has consistent family representation on leadership team.

ConVal Regional: Trying out the Toolkit for Interagency Collaboration in a focused way with one student.

Somersworth: Introducing staff, then parents, to the Life After High School Transition Toolkit so that all are on the same page.

Cohort 3

Cohort 3 schools joined the project in May 2015.

Inter-Lakes: Beginning their needs assessment with the Transition-Focused Education Framework Fidelity Tool.

Newport: Created a strong ELO work group and are starting their ELO needs assessment with the ELO Fidelity Tool.

Nute: Eight students matched with RENEW facilitators in various stages of the RENEW process.

Timberlane Regional: Leadership team meets regularly, Family Engagement group is ready to go.