Overview of Five Federal Systems Serving Transition Age Youth with Disabilities

Buried in a hefty 66-page literature review are some good overviews of five Federal systems that play key and interrelated roles in preparing youth with disabilities for adulthood:

  • vocational rehabilitation
  • Social Security
  • juvenile justice
  • behavioral health
  • workforce investment

The Literature Review of Five Federal Systems Serving Transition Age Youth with Disabilities was funded by the US Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP). The document summarizes:

  • each system’s role
  • the extent of its use by the population
  • central programs and authorizing legislation
  • challenges and recommendations
  • common themes and trends across systems

The first nine pages are an Executive Overview which, in clear and succinct language, provides valuable high-level information. For example, the Social Security section give a very brief history, then a paragraph or two each on PASS, Ticket to Work, and HEART. Educators, parents, and students working on transition plans will find useful information here.