Engage Students & Families in Transition Assessment and the Student-Led IEP: Tips, Strategies and Tools

A two-hour intermediate workshop for school personnel. Participants will:

  • Identify reasons for lack of engagement
  • Identify key strategies for increasing engagement with student and families in meetings
  • Identify key strategies for engagement in student-led IEPs and transition assessment
  • Learn about the “the Checklist” as a tool for reflection

Prerequisites: Foundational knowledge of transition assessment and self-determination. You can get this by working through two other Next Steps NH courses: Transition Assessment: Knowing the Options and Teaching Self-Determination Skills to Students: What Are the Options?This is course three of the Transition Planning series.


Course outline with timing and facilitation tips

Introductions, pre-test, review agenda, project overview15 min
Why engagement matters, challenges18 minSee presenter notes for questions to engage the audience.

Strategies for engagement

  • Activity: Jargon, lingo and acronyms (10 min)
  • Activity: Identify needs and priorities (10 min)
35 min

See presenter notes for listening skills activity at slide 26.

Transition assessment tips and hints12 min
Self-determination and student-led IEPs15 min
Evaluating your engagement skills10 min

Wrap up

  • Activity: determining your next steps
  • Post-test
10 min