Essentials of Full Implementation

Two two-hour workshops for school administrators and key project staff.

After completing Part I: Program Structures, participants will be able to:

  • Identify recommended program structures for sustaining transition-focused education efforts, and related resources
  • Identify stages of implementation of Next Steps Initiatives in their school
  • Identify goals for future transition-focused leadership team, data, and procedures

After completing Part II: Working Together to Build Capacity, participants will be able to:

  • Identify training and education needs and resources for staff working with transition-aged youth
  • Identify resources for working with families and agencies
  • Create an action plan using PALS

Part I Materials

Part 1 course outline

Introductions, pre-assessment, project overview15 min

Where are you now?

  • Activity: Implementation stages (10 min)
20 min
Transition-related program structures25 min

Leadership team, data, procedures

  • Activity: Maintaining momentum (10 min)
  • Activity: Data ideas and discussion (10 min)
30 min
Wrap up, post-test, evaluation10 min

Part II Materials

Part II course outline

Introductions, pre-test, project overview10 min

Part 1 recap

  • Activity: Managing our resources effectively (5 min)
10 min

Supports and training for key transition staff

  • Activity: Looking at staffing (10 min)
15 min
Family engagement supports10 min
Interagency collaboration10 minNone
Training and coaching10 min

Action plan

  • Activity: Examine a transition strategy (10 min)
  • Activity: Develop a goal related to the transition strategy (15 min)
35 min
Wrap up, post-test10 min