Learning Outside the Classroom

A two-hour workshop for parents. Introductory level, will cover:

  • Who is on an ELO planning team
  • How ELOs are connected to transition planning
  • Identify components of high quality ELOs
  • Planning the four aspects of ELOs, including taking into consideration any special education concerns
  • How you as a parent can be involved.

Prerequisites: none

You can do a half-hour version of this workshop as a self-paced online course from the NH Parent Information Center. The format is a narrated PowerPoint presentation.


Course outline with timing

Introductions, review agenda10 min
What is an ELO?20 minNone
Components of high quality ELOs15 minNone
Planning an ELO20 min
Research, reflection, product, presentation20 minNone
How to be involved as a parent15 min
Wrap up10 minNone


Updated 8/20/20