Listening to Your Child’s Voice While Building Independence

A two-hour parent workshop featuring a parent panel. Introductory level, covers:

  • the importance of listening to your child’s voice when discussing the future
  • what to consider before your child becomes a legal adult
  • how to start building independence during the high school years
  • insights, personal stories and reflections from parents of students who have recently left high school


Course outline with timing

Objective: Parents will develop an increased understanding and concrete ideas about how they can help their child prepare for life after high school.

Introductions, do pre-test, review agenda10 min
Age 18 – the age of majority10 minNone
IDEA vs ADA10 minNone

Listening to your child’s voice

  • parent panel
20 minNone

Parent concerns, discussing the future

  • parent panel
25 minNone


  • parent panel
20 min

Moving forward, final thoughts

  • parent panel
15 minNone
Wrap up, post-assessment10 min

Updated 12/1/15