Planning for Life After High School

A 1-1.5 hour workshop for parents. Introductory level, will cover:

  • What is transition planning?
  • When and how planning for life after high school is addressed in the IEP.
  • How parents and students can be involved in the planning with the special education process.

Prerequisites: none

Self-paced online option

You can do this workshop as a self-paced online course that takes about one hour to complete, from the NH Parent Information Center  It is a narrated PowerPoint presentation with video commentary by parents and interactive self-quizzes.


Course outline with timing

Introductions, pre-assessment, review agenda (slides 1-4)10 min
What is Transition? Parent feelings (slides 5-10)12 minNone
Importance of student involvement. Course of Study (slides 11-16)11 min
Transition assessments, measurable postsecondary goals, present levels (slides 17-26)15 min
How course of study and postsecondary goals relate to transition services. Annual goals. How transition planning fits into the IEP (slides 27-37)14 min
Age of majority, summary of performance (slides 38-39)5 min
Wrap up (slides 40-43)7 min

Updated 4/11/22