Secondary Transition Webinar Series

4-30-22 Update: these three webinars are no longer available on the Institute on Disability website. We are looking for replacements.  The Secondary Transition Webinar Series was created and delivered in 2012 by Heidi Wyman from Strafford Learning Center. Each webinar is about one hour long. The above link takes you to the UNH Institute on Disability website – scroll down the page until you see “Secondary Transition Webinar Series – March 22, 2012” – you can view a webinar or download the materials.

  1. Developing Measurable Postsecondary Goals and Age-Appropriate Transition Assessments (Part 1)
    The instructor uses three different student cases studies to help participants understand how to write appropriate, measurable postsecondary goal statements that describe the students’ vision for life after high school, and how to use and document relevant age-appropriate transition assessments to develop and revise the students’ vision in the years leading to high school completion. The instructor also provides techniques and solutions for some of the challenges that may arise around meeting facilitation, youth engagement, and difficult conversations.
  2. Developing Courses of Study and Transition Services (Part 2)
    Part 2 continues the examination of case studies from Part 1 by examining the courses of study and transition services that will reasonably enable students to meet their postsecondary goals. This session also includes information about NH School to Work and Extended Learning Opportunities (ELOs), and touches on engaging with different NH services.
  3. Developing Annual Goals that Address Transition Service Needs (Part 3)
    Part 3 focuses on developing annual goals that help students increase skills or knowledge in areas that are relevant to their transition service needs.