Sustaining RENEW Implementation

A two-hour workshop for school administrators and key project staff, developed for NH Next Steps Cohort 1 schools to examine their practices, infrastructure and implementation of RENEW within their schools in order to ensure sustainability as they prepared to scale up RENEW.

This workshop is designed to be delivered by a certified RENEW Trainer.

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify transition planning best practices of the Next Steps NH project
  • Articulate the major components of the RENEW model
  • Explain the important elements needed for RENEW implementation
  • Describe the importance and role of a RENEW coach and RENEW Implementation Team
  • Discuss essential program structures to support sustainability of RENEW with fidelity
  • Create a plan for effective RENEW implementation for their school


Course outline


Introductions, pre-test, review agenda

  • Next Steps NH project training and coaching support
  • Review of effective transition practices
  • Transition-Focused Education Framework
15 min

Overview of the RENEW model

  • RENEW theory of change
  • Goals and principles of RENEW
15 minNone

Implementation science

  • Stages of implementation
  • Managing complex change
  • Model to support RENEW implementation and feedback loop
  • Roles and responsibilities of a RENEW coach and RENEW implementation team
  • Essential features to sustain RENEW
30 min

Map the school’s vision for RENEW

  • Graphic facilitation
30 minNone
Preparing a plan for effective RENEW implementation30 min