Teaching Self-Determination to Students with Disabilities

A two-day workshop, introductory level, for school personnel. Participants will:

  • Define self-determination and identify components.
  • Learn about ways to assess and promote self-determination, including research-based curricula, evidence-based practices and web-based resources.

This is course two in the Transition Planning series.


Course outline

The activities in this course are designed for a team. You won’t need as much time if you are working through it as an individual.

One week prior to the training, provide the pre-work questions to all participants.1 week prior
  • Course pre-work

Introductions, pre-test, review agenda, review Next Steps project

  • Slides 1-10, recording 0:00 to 8:30-minutes
10 min

The Birthday Party

  • Slide 11, recording 8:30 to 11:45-minutes
5 min 

Definition and components of self-determination

  • Slides 12-18, recording 11:45 to 33:45-minutes
  • Activity: Identify and record responses to pre-work questions on mapping and part 1 of action planning tool (7 min)
20 min

Assessing self-determination skills

  • Slides 19-22, recording 33:45 to 44:56-minutes
15 min

Proven approaches to promote self-determination

  • Slides 23-35, recording 44:56 – 1:10:20-minutes
  • Activity: Record responses and discussion to questions on slide 35 and part 2 of mapping and action planning tool (5 min)
25 min

Research-based curricula in self-determination

  • Slides 36-45, recording 1:10:20 to 1:21:54-minutes
15 min

Example of a student-led IEP meeting

  • Embedded PowerPoint on Slide 46
  • Recording 1:21:54 to 1:24:28-minutes
5 min 

Ideas for implementation

  • With your facilitator, use slides 47 and 48 for some ideas for what to do with what you’ve learned. (Recording 1:24:28 to 1:45:22, several minutes of quiet for team planning time)
  • Activity: Develop 1-2 goals for increasing self-determination practices or activities. Develop action steps for part 3 of the self-determination mapping and action planning tool (15 min)
  • Post-test
25 min