Transition Assessment: Know the Options and How to Use Them

A 1.5 to 2-hour introductory workshop for school personnel. Participants will:

  • Define transition assessment.
  • Learn about a variety of formal and informal transition assessments and procedures.
  • Map current transition assessment practices.
  • Determine actions for improving transition assessment practices.

This is course one in the Transition Planning series. It was originally designed for school teams to take together, but will be useful in other situations, for example, orienting new staff.


Course outline

The activities in this course are designed for a team. You won’t need as much time if you are working through it as an individual.


Introductions, pre-test, review agenda, review Next Steps project

  • Slides 1-9, recording 0:00 – 9:20 minutes
10 min

Discuss pre-work questions

  • Slide 10, recording 9:20 – 13:19-minutes
5 min

Definition and purpose of transition assessment

  • Slides 11-19, recording 13:19 – 32:30-minutes
  • Activity: Identify and record on mapping tool part 1 only those assessments that capture student’s vision and interest (10 min)
20 min

Identify types of formal and informal transition assessment

  • Slides 20-25, recording 32:30 – 49:38-minutes
  • Activity: Identify and record in part 2 as many transition assessments as possible that are done in your school (10 min)
20 min

Explore assessments

  • Slide 26, recording 49:38 – 1:04:00, includes free time to explore online)
15 min

Overview of free and for-purchase transition assessments

  • Slides 27-43, recording 1:04:00 – 1:27:20-minutes
  • Activity: Record in part 3 the improvements you would like to see with transition assessment (10 min)
20 min

Action planning ideas

  • Slides 44-50, recording 1:27:20 – 1:36:21-minutes
  • Activity: Create a specific action plan (part 4) to carry out two or three ideas from today’s training. (Activity extends beyond the end of the recording.)
  • Post-test
20 min