Really Short Cohort School Updates: March 2017

It’s time once again for news on the Next Steps NH project schools. These are REALLY short updates on the eight New Hampshire schools we’re currently supporting. All schools are working on transition planning and ELOs, and many are also implementing RENEW. The updates are meant to show the range of project activities – not comprehensive reports – several of the schools are engaged in similar activities.

 Cohort 3

Cohort 3 schools joined the project in June 2015 and will complete their work with Next Steps on June 30, 2017.

Inter-Lakes: Transition practices and family engagement have good support – case managers have solid processes in place and are working hard to connect with families. Facilitators are engaging regularly in Coaching and have seen good success in student engagement (increased attendance, reduction in tardies, and increase in grades and student progress towards goals).

Newport: Numerous ideas around engaging families. Planning a transition fair where vendors and agencies will meet with staff during the day to discuss their services, and then in the evening the same vendors will present for families.

Nute: Staff who participated in the transition webinar series have selected a number of transition assessment materials to purchase with their mini-grant dollars. Nute is planning a three-part parent education series to take place in April and May, “What’s Next Wednesdays.” They’re also finalizing a booklet about the special education process for families to have as a resource.

Timberlane Regional: Have begun their ELO pilot with five students from the HiSet Plus program. The leadership team is planning a transition night for incoming freshman and their families to provide information about the transition process, and in-school and community resources.

Cohort 4

Cohort 4 schools joined the project in June 2016.

Exeter: Established a RENEW Implementation Team which has reinvigorated RENEW at Exeter. There are eight facilitators working with 12 youth, and two futures plans had been completed. Facilitators are engaged in Coaching.

Mascenic Regional: Leadership Team is adding a transition “speed dating” component to the district Celebration of Learning event this spring. They are also focusing on improving communications with families via their website (focusing on Health Services, SPED, and Guidance sections), creation of email lists, and an agency resource pamphlet.

Raymond: Lots of enthusiasm and support for implementing ELOs. The ELO workgroup is focused on the action plan that emphasizes networking and internship site development, figuring out how to organize ELO efforts in the school (location, support, capacity) and engaging the larger staff population in understanding and implementing ELOs.

Souhegan High School: The Leadership Team is planning a transition event in April to highlight alternatives to 4-year colleges and introduce related support systems like gap years, corporate and trade training programs, 2-year and tech programs, support agencies, etc. A subgroup is investigating updating the school website to make information easier to find.

Cohort 2

Cohort 2 schools finished their work with us in June  2016.

Cohort 1

Cohort 1 schools finished their work with us in December 2015.