RENEW comes to Kennett High School!

Kennett High School in Conway, a Cohort One school with the Next Steps NH project, is doing great work implementing RENEW (Rehabilitation for Empowerment, Natural Supports, Education, and Work). Their implementation team is developing tools to help build program structures and enhance RENEW sustainability.

This longer than usual blog entry describes RENEW and shares some of Kennett’s tools.

RENEW is a planning and engagement process for youth who experience difficult challenges within their homes, schools, and communities. It’s a strengths-based process, focused on self-determination, linking youth with resources to successfully complete high school and transition into adult life.


  • is designed to help youth plan for their future
  • places the youth in charge
  • identifies dreams and goals that are important to the youth
  • allows youth to decide how they want to achieve those dreams and goals, and who is going to help them along the way
  • follows youth as far as they want to take the process, meaning that they will get out of it as much as they put into it

The Kennett Implementation Team has developed:

  • a multi-tiered system of support that shows how the school embeds RENEW within existing program structures and how communication flows between team members
  • a referral flowchart which is a visual map to show criteria for RENEW and how the referral process works
  • an Implementation Team mission statement

Multi-tiered system of support includes RENEW

RENEW is delivered within Kennett High School’s multi-tiered framework which ensures all students have access to effective instructional and behavioral interventions to improve their academic and behavior outcomes. RENEW is embedded within this framework to support students who may be experiencing difficulty in earning credits, completing their program of studies, and need support in designing and pursuing a plan for the transition from school to adult life.

How does someone get referred to RENEW?

The Implementation Team developed referral procedures and criteria to nominate youth who are eligible for RENEW. The referral procedures are introduced to the entire faculty, referring agencies, and interested youth and families so everyone is aware of when RENEW fits a specific need and how to refer. When a young person has been nominated for RENEW, a team member will orient the youth and family to the RENEW process. A trained RENEW facilitator will then be contacted, who will work with the young person to identify their hopes, dreams, and goals; and identify people and resources to help them reach their goals. The RENEW facilitator will continue meeting with the young person to support them in their transition from school to adult life. 

RENEW Implementation Team

An essential component of successful and sustained delivery of RENEW is to have a team responsible for implementation and oversight of the process. RENEW Implementation Teams are responsible for:

  1. identifying staff to become RENEW facilitators
  2. identifying youth who are eligible for RENEW
  3. identifying training and coaching support for RENEW facilitators
  4. collecting and reviewing data on RENEW outcomes and implementation

Members of this team at Kennett High School make up a variety of key stakeholders, from administrators, special educators, school counselors, and community members. The mission of the RENEW Implementation Team at Kennett High is to coordinate the RENEW intervention to support at risk students in order to develop the skills necessary to be lifelong learners and responsible citizens in a global community.

Members of the RENEW Implementation Team are:

  • Brenda Monahan, Special Education Coordinator
  • Pamela Stimpson, Director of Special Education Services, SAU 9
  • Darron Laughland, Special Education Teacher
  • Colleen Watson, School Counselor
  • Rachelle Cox, Student Advocate & Director of Eagle Academy
  • Melanie Bova, Children’s Case Manager at Northern Human Service