RENEW, a Youth-Directed Process

RENEW is a youth-directed planning and support process for school-to-career transition planning. It’s an individualized wraparound process for youth with emotional and behavioral challenges. Developed in 1996 at the UNH Institute on Disability (IOD), RENEW focuses on supporting each young person as they design and pursue a plan for the transition from school to adult life.

Key Features

  • Self-determination
  • Personal planning for the future
  • Creative and individualized school-to-career planning
  • Strengths-based approach
  • Unconditional care
  • Building family and other natural and community supports
  • Wraparound
  • Systemic support and consultation

Visit the RENEW webpages for more information, including program and family fliers, and an introductory video.

Use the RENEW Organizational Readiness Checklist to assess your school’s readiness to implement RENEW.

See tools one of our project schools has developed for their RENEW implementation.

Take a look at the portfolio a student completes as part of a RENEW planning process: RENEW Youth Portfolio