High School Completion

Definition: All students are part of the process to receive annual career guidance and counseling that meets their needs and assesses progress towards high school completion.


  • Alternative Pathways to Completion (PDF, 2 pages, 2022) is a current NH Department of Education project to develop a toolkit to help students, parents, and school staff make informed decisions when choosing the best pathway for a student to successfully complete high school. The toolkit is expected to be widely available in Fall 2023.
  • The Alternate Diploma (PowerPoint PDF, 22 pages, 2018) from the NH Department of Education reviews the laws and rules that determine how diplomas are awarded in New Hampshire: State law (RSAs), administrative rules, and Federal laws. Students with IEPs who earn an Alternate Diploma may not be prevented from working towards meeting the requirements for the regular high school diploma. Earning this diploma does not exit a student from special education. This means that being awarded the Alternate Diploma does not end a student’s eligibility for special education. It does not substitute for a regular high school diploma. Alternate Diploma Technical Advisory, December 2017 
  • School Completion Toolkit (PDF, 68 pages, 2021) from NTACT:C reviews the issues around graduation and dropout for students with disabilities. It also provides lots of strategies and resources, all with clickable links in the PDF.
  • Locating and Re-engaging Secondary Students with Disabilities provides research-based strategies and resources to locate and support school-leavers to return and work toward graduation. From NTACT The Collaborative.
  • Free online training module from the Transition Coalition at the University of Kansas: Strategies for School Completion. You have to create an account before you can look at it, but it only takes a minute and is free.  The course material is clear, concise and graphical – they are paying attention to what works for learners online!
  • School Completion Strategies that Work in Rural Schools (PDF, 36 pages, 2017), also from the Transition Coalition, is colorful and graphical with lots of links to other online resources. Again, they are paying attention to what works for readers these days.
  • Free online training module for school counselors from the Iris Center at Vanderbilt University: School Counselors: Facilitating Transitions for Students with Disabilities from High School to Post-School Settings
  • CAST offers a number of robust (and often free) learning tools that apply Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles.
  • RENEW is a youth-directed planning and support process for school-to-career transition planning for youth with emotional and behavioral challenges. RENEW stands for Rehabilitation for Empowerment, Natural Supports, Education, and Work.Later

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