Practices and Procedures

Definition: Specific and consistent policies, practices, and procedures that support implementation of identified practices are established, clearly communicated, and implemented within educational community, and between educational and community service agencies.

What does evidence-based mean?

Useful guides for school leaders

New Hampshire RTI Framework, a Multi-Tiered Instructional and Behavioral Approach that Supports the Implementation of the Common Core (PDF, 69 pages, 2013) is a comprehensive guide to Response to Intervention (RTI) implementation in your SAU and schools.

The Ceedar Center offers a tool to help schools emphasize proactive, preventative approaches instead of exclusive relying on behavior reduction strategies, Principal Leadership: Moving Toward Inclusive and High-Achieving Schools for Students With Disabilities(PDF, 79 pages, 2017).

NSTTAC developed the Transition Team Leader Sustainability Toolkit (PDF, 158 pages, 2011) to help transition planning team leaders in building teams and implementing team plans. Transition teams can be faced with high rates of turnover, and often new team leaders must start over as documents and team history are lost. This toolkit will help.

Updated 2/5/23