Student Participation

Definition: All students are prepared to participate and do participate meaningfully in the development of their post-school goals and plans to achieve those goals, and in any relevant meetings.

Students learn about & prepare for transition planning

Students actively participate in meetings

  • Youth Engagement Toolkit Series from RAISE. RAISE is a parent-led and family-centered nonprofit parent training and information center funded by the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) to provide support to individuals with disabilities through the transition from secondary school and into competitive employment and independent living. There are attractive guides for youth development, youth leadership, and youth empowerment, as well as fact sheets and videos.
  • Tips to run successful meetings, from
  • Serving on Groups (PDF or online modules) can be a useful tool for anyone who is serving, or wants to serve, on a decision-making group, from the Wisconsin Family Assistance Center for Education, Training, and Support. Full of practical tips, printable by section or you can purchase a copy.

New content 5/26/22