The State of Learning Disabilities in New Hampshire

Nov 2023 – We removed the links because the 2017 report is no longer available. See the  National Center for Learning Disabilities Resources page for other options.


The annual report, The State of Learning Disabilities: Understanding the 1 in 5, from the National Center for Learning Disabilities, has been released for 2017. The report is based on data for the 2015–2016 school year and other research from the field, and looks at the current challenges and opportunities facing the 1 in 5 children who have learning and attention issues.

As with previous editions, the report shows the progress that has been made—and the work yet to be done. It is clear that students with learning and attention issues are as smart as their peers and can achieve at high levels but too often are misunderstood as lazy or unintelligent. Without the right academic or emotional support, they are much more likely than their peers to repeat a grade, get suspended and drop out. The good news is this downward spiral can be prevented.

The full report is online, easy to navigate and full of graphics. You can quickly peruse a six-page Executive Summary (PDF, 6 pages, 2017). The online version of the summary includes video and further resource links.

The Transitioning to Life After High School section identifies four challenge areas:

  1. Internal resilience factors such as temperament and self-perception
  2. Lack of disclosure in order to get and use accommodations
  3. Cumbersome accommodation process
  4. Lower employment rate

and four opportunity areas:

  1. Teaching and practicing self-advocacy skills
  2. Transition planning
  3. Changes in high stakes testing
  4. New laws (WIOA) and federal resources

And finally, there are two-page state snapshots that highlight key data points and comparisons to national averages in several areas. Choose our state to see New Hampshire’s snapshot.