Driving Change Toolkit for Educators

Transition is a complex topic with lots of moving parts. Use this toolkit to develop your own skills and understanding in a deliberate way, or to help you get started driving schoolwide changes. Remember, growth and change take time and planning to do effectively.

Overview: Drive change in your personal professional practice

  1. Complete a self-assessment.

  2. Survey available Next Steps resources.

  3. Identify possible coaches.

  4. Set priorities based on your realities.

  5. Create your action plan and get started.

  6. Reflect and review and do it again.

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Overview: Drive schoolwide change

  1. Designate a transition leader.
  2. Form a leadership team.
  3. Look at your data.
  4. Evaluate your practices.
  5. Decide priorities.
  6. Create your action plan and get started.
  7. Reflect, review, and repeat.

Explore the schoolwide process