Early and Middle Grades Transition Toolkit

This toolkit is being developed Summer 2024. If you happen to stumble upon it, feel free to poke around, but understand everything may change and there are probably errors.

Administrators, you can push transition 

Special Education Masters programs usually include learning about transition and Indicator 13 concepts. If you are in a Masters program and headed to teach in the early grades or middle school, you can give your students a great start with self-determination by integrating postsecondary transition concepts into your teaching.

We’re calling this Transition as a P-8 Concept.

Start here – beginning with the end in mind



Student empowered

choice-based education

personalized learning

project-based learning

universal design for learning because it gives choice

student centered instruction



Career Awareness

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Curriculum to explore

Updated 6-14-24

Early/Middle Grades Transition Resources

  • I Have A Dream
  • Good Experiences
  • Adaptation example