College Disability Services in NH and Border States

All colleges must offer services (accommodations) to students with disabilities. The process and requirements vary from college to college. The tabs below give you links to disability service offices at New Hampshire state colleges as well as community colleges near the NH border in Maine, Massachusetts and Vermont.

NH community college disability services

New Hampshire has seven community colleges that offer a wide variety of degrees and certifications.

Running Start

The Running Start program enables high school students to take community college courses for dual high school AND college credit. Students with disabilities are expected to demonstrate the same level of understanding of course material and meet the same minimum skill performance standards as all other students receiving college credit. This means the curriculum will not be modified. Accommodations, not modifications, are the name of the game. Disabilities Services for Running Start programs

Maine college disability services

These three community colleges are close to the Maine – New Hampshire border:

Vermont college disability services

Four of Vermont’s community colleges are close to the Vermont – New Hampshire border.

Accessibility Services for Students with Disabilities at all Community College of Vermont (CCV) campuses.

Links updated 4/30/22