Voc Rehab’s Role in Transition

The New Hampshire Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation, also known as Voc Rehab, or VR, is a state/federal agency that helps people who meet certain qualifications find jobs. This help can include helping pay for your education after high school. In New Hampshire, VR is part of the Department of Education. NH VR works with individual students and also sponsors activities for groups of students like:

“Introducing Vocational Rehabilitation Services NH: Simply Said” is a 4:21-minute video that explains how local New Hampshire VR counselors can help youth with disabilities figure out and achieve their goals.

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VR encourages IEP teams to open discussions with parents and students about the services offered through VR, and how to apply. Application for VR services may begin as early as age 14. For students who have not yet applied, an annual discussion of the options for applying is encouraged.

Contact VR in New Hampshire. You can contact VR directly – you do not need to go through a school.

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