Tools to Remove Barriers to Effective Distance Learning

Removing Barriers to Effective Distance Learning by Applying the High-Leverage Practices Tips and Tools (PDF, 29 pages, 2020) is a complex title for a practical and usable document. It identifies high leverage practices to help dismantle six barriers, including the struggle to keep students focused and engaged, and helping students manage their remote workload.

Using high-leverage practices (HLPs) to design and delivery lessons, both in-person and virtually, helps educators ensure diverse learners are provided equitable access to high quality instruction, across all grade levels and in all content areas. Digital technologies can increase and improve opportunities for building in supports and scaffolds to help all students understand, navigate, and engage in distance learning environments.

This document from the Collaboration for Effective Educator Development, Accountability, and Reform (CEEDAR Center) and the National Center for Systemic Improvement (NCSI) outlines how high leverage practices can strengthen distance learning instruction for a diverse range of students by outlining strategies to address common challenges students experience.

The document is visually appealing, with clear and concise information:

  • identifies six common barriers that impede effective distance learning
  • specifies high leverage practices to address each barrier
  • identifies potential strategies for teachers to improve equitable access to content and learning
  • identifies apps and online tools to help address each barrier