Promoting Family/School Partnerships

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A two-hour workshop for school staff and parents. Teams are strongly encouraged to include parents as part of the training.

During this recorded webinar, Kimm Phillips from NH’s Parent Information Center will introduce the Dual Capacity-Building Framework, authored by Karen L. Mapp and Paul J. Kuttner. This framework helps to develop the knowledge, confidence and skills that build capacity among school professionals and families to partner with one another around student success. Kimm will also review strategies and resources created for and used by schools in the Next Steps NH project.

Introductory level. Topics covered include:

  • Understanding the Dual Capacity-Building Framework and its implications for developing and sustaining family-school partnerships in transition.
  • Developing Family Engagement Teams
  • Using a focus group approach to gain the parent perspective
  • Resources for planning and executing district and regional transition fairs
  • Information about workshops and training sessions offered to school professionals, parents and students


Course outline

Topic Time Handouts
Introduction, explain Next Steps NH project, implementation science Start point: 0:00

11 min

What is family engagement?

  • Activity 1: Map your school or district’s family engagement efforts (pause the webinar recording)
Start point: 10:40

5 min, plus pause time.

Dual Capacity-Building Framework

  • Activity 2: Where are you now? (pause recording) followed by a debrief/reflection time
  • Activity 3: Align a current activity with Dual Capacity Building process conditions (pause recording)
Start point: 15:39

20 min, plus pause time.

Resources and strategies for family engagement

  • Overview of resources available online and in-person
Start point: 35:06

8 min

Promoting high expectations for post-school success Start point: 43:30

13 min

Keep the door open

  • Activity 4: Reflect, then create a goal related to building family/school partnerships (pause recording)
Start point: 56:45

8 minutes

Updated 4/29/18