Transition Competencies for Special Education Teachers

We just released the first version of the Transition Competencies for Preservice Special Education Programs. The Next Steps NH project is working at the college and university level as well as the high school level. The college and university focus is to enhance preservice training programs to include more on transition planning, ELOs, and parent/family engagement. Developing these competencies was the first step.

The six transition core competencies and 31 corresponding key elements are organized around Kohler’s 1996 Taxonomy for Transition Programming. The standards are not required for state certification, but are intended to enhance curriculum efforts by providing a set of important transition skills and knowledge for beginning special educators.

The competencies and key elements were developed by the Next Steps NH Institutions of Higher Education (IHE) subgroup and reviewed by the NSNH leadership team. Special education faculty at Keene State College, Keene, NH, also reviewed these standards for use and applicability. Keene State College faculty used these competencies to do a needs assessment of their special education program and are in the process of developing and implementing an action plan.