Transition Fair Toolkit, from Soup to Nuts!

The Transition Fair Toolkit was developed by the National Secondary Transition Technical Assistance Center (NSTTAC) to help people plan, carry out and evaluate a transition fair.  A transition fair can have other names, for example, parent night, career fair, or job fest. The purpose remains the same, to bring students and families in contact with community, postsecondary education, and employment resources.

Talk about soup to nuts! The Transition Fair Toolkit is 400 pages long and chock full of detailed guidelines, examples and templates. You’ll want to print it and put it in a three-ring binder with tabbed sections. That’s a big print job, so here’s the table of contents and overview section for your perusal, a mere 23 pages.

The Transition Fair Toolkit covers pre-planning six to 12 months before the event, ongoing planning one to five months ahead of the event, day of the event activities, evaluation methods, and recognition and sustainability.

The level of detail is extraordinary, down to planning meeting agendas, word and phrase list for developing a theme, sample flyers, floor plan examples, name tag templates, day of fair committee jobs, the list goes on. The suggestions were gleaned from looking at dozens of transition fairs within varied settings. No two transition fairs will look alike, but the processes and resources in the toolkit are considered to be best practice.

Take a look at the kit. Even if you’re not up for a full transition fair, you may find good resources for doing pieces like mock interviews with employers or practicing independent living skills.

Trivia for the day: “From soup to nuts” is an American idiom referring to a formal dinner that would start with a soup and end with nuts. It means the whole thing, from beginning to end.