Annual IEP Goals

Annual IEP goals are one-year goals that will advance the student towards his or her measurable postsecondary goals.

Essential Elements

  • An annual transition goal is a statement of measurement of a student’s progress in a specific skill or behavior related to his/her transition service needs, over a period of one year. The goal contains the behavior or skill to be measured, the conditions under which the skill or behavior will be measured,  and the criterion or level of performance expected.
  • For each of the postsecondary goal areas (i.e., employment, postsecondary training, and independent living), an annual goal and short-term objectives or benchmarks are included in the IEP related to the student’s transition services needs.
  • Annual goals should focus on the transition service needs of the student.
  • An annual goal can be used to measure the student’s progress related to specific transition services that are being provided.
  • As with any annual goal, it must be measurable.


I-13 Requirement

Is (are) there annual IEP goal(s) related to the student’s transition service needs?

New Hampshire Indicator 13 requirements, resources and tools on the Department of Education website.

Essential Elements adapted from O’Leary (2010), Reviewer Reference Form for the Transition Requirements Checklist

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