Annual IEP Goals

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I-13 Requirement

Is there at least one annual IEP goal related to the student’s transition service needs?

Essential Elements

  • Transition assessment identifies transition services needs the student has, related to achieving postsecondary goals. This is in addition to identifying strengths, preferences, and interests for postsecondary goals.
  • Annual goals address transition service needs when they state the present level of academic or functional skill or knowledge related their stated postsecondary goals. that needs to improve.
  • Consider all the student’s postsecondary goal areas (education/training, employment, and independent living) when developing the IEP, and identify the specific knowledge and skills the student needs to gain/improve to achieve their postsecondary goals. If that knowledge and skill need is unknown, the team should discuss what formal or informal transition assessment(s) should be performed to identify these needs.  
  • The annual goal must contain the behavior or skill to be measured, the conditions under which the skill or behavior will be measured, the criterion or level of performance expected, and short-term objectives or benchmarks.
  • For Indicator 13 compliance, at least one annual goal must relate to the student’s transition service needs.

Student Voice

Annual goals that address transition service needs give the student an opportunity to build needed skills or knowledge related to their stated interests, strengths, or preferences.

Background Information


Explanation of the annual goal requirement and how it connects to other transition components on the IEP. 3:11-minutes.


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