Invitation to Participating Agency

I-13 Requirement

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If appropriate, is there evidence that a representative of any participating agency was invited to the IEP team meeting, with the prior consent of the parent (or student who has reached the age of majority)?

Essential Elements

  • If an outside agency will be responsible for providing a transition service, they must be invited to the IEP team meeting.
  • The IEP team needs prior written consent from the parent or adult student in order to invite an outside agency to an IEP team meeting. Evidence of the prior written consent is also required if an outside agency is listed as providing a transition service.
  • When the team determines that outside agencies should be a part of the student’s transition planning team, it is the school’s responsibility to invite those parties to appropriate IEP team meetings. This can be complicated if the parents have not signed a consent to release of information prior to the invitation being initiated.
  • Parents can invite outside agencies and should inform the school district prior to the meeting. Once the team (including the outside agency) agrees that the agency should continue to participate in the meeting, the student file should include documentation of invitations to subsequent meetings.

Student Voice


Background Information


Overview and intent of the requirement about agency participation. 2:07-minutes.

Meaningful Agency Participation

Factors that can hinder meaningful agency participation. 8:29-minutes.


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