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Developing Executive Function With Priority Lists

Developing Executive Function With Priority Lists. Explicitly modeling the process of prioritizing tasks builds students’ ability to organize and manage their time.


February 2019 Video of the Month

Intelligent Lives

Preview of a new film from Dan Habib that explores how the segregation of people with intellectual disabilities became the norm, why this segregation is slowly being dismantled, and how some people with intellectual disabilities are blazing a bold new path.

14:51 minutes
June-Sept 2017 Video of the Month

Transition Success: Natalie

At the time of this video, Natalie was a college senior with autism, living on campus, and a member of a sorority. Prior to graduating, she completed a summer internship in California, did volunteer work, and participated in service learning projects.

May 2017 Video of the Month

I Care By…

The “I Care By” campaign gives people specific, personal actions to support students with emotional/behavioral challenges, along with easy ways to share their actions on social media and encourage others to do the same. Check out to learn more.

March 2017 Video of the Month

ADHD as a Difference in Cognition, Not a Disorder

Stephen Tonti, a college senior with ADHD, celebrates being “attention-different” as opposed to being attention-deficit.

February 2017 Video of the Month

Opening Doors and Hearts

“Opening Doors and Hearts”: Josh finds a place for himself in a new school through a simple act of sustained courtesy.

September 2015