Zarrow Center Resources for Self-Determination

The Zarrow Center at the University of Oklahoma has been producing great transition curriculum and other resources for years. This short article highlights two resources that can be of practical use to those teaching and supporting students with disabilities to develop self-determination skills.

The first resource is the ChoiceMaker Transition and Self-Determination Curriculum. It can be infused into existing coursework programs to teach all middle and high school students self-determination skills. This curriculum has been used successfully for years and is worth your time to review and adapt to meet your student’s needs. Click on Strands, Modules and Teaching Goals at the Choicemaker link above for a quick overview.

The second resource is the ME! Lessons for Teaching Self-Awareness and Self-Advocacy. The Me! Lessons consist of ten units to teach critical transition knowledge and skills. Pick and choose what you need and modify as you see fit. Each unit begins with an overview of the unit’s lessons and includes detailed step-by-step lesson plans, pencil-paper activities, discussion, and group activities. A student portfolio called the ME! Book is a major component of the curriculum, and each student creates and adds to their ME! Book as each unit is completed. Finally, there are ME! Lesson adaptations for elementary students in grades 4-6. Using the Me! Lessons (PDF, 2 pages)

A companion to both these resources is a journaling resource called Transition Bellringers. Bell Ringers are short journaling activities which can be completed independently during the first few minutes of class.

Check out these two curricula and more on the Zarrow Center Curriculum page