Student Invitation

Students must be invited to attend any IEP team meetings where postsecondary transition planning is on the agenda.

Essential Elements

  • Every student whose IEP will be in effect when the student turns 16 years of age, or younger if determined appropriate by the IEP team, must be invited to his or her IEP meeting. In New Hampshire, at age 14, students must have a statement of transition service need and a course of study included in their IEP.
  • Documentation that the student was invited to attend the IEP team meeting is required.
  • The student invitation should not be a copy of the parents’ notice of the meeting.
  • Parents should be made aware of this requirement and the importance of including all students in the process of their own transition planning.
  • No format for this invitation is specified.  Schools should compose a letter or format and adopt it school-wide.
  • Students should be engaged and aware of the purpose of the meeting and be encouraged and prepared to participate prior to the meeting.
  • The student invitation should be signed by the LEA and dated prior to the meeting date.

Background Information


Background and overview of the requirement that a student must be invited to the IEP meeting where transition services are discussed. 6:44-minutes


Students need to be explicitly invited to their IEP meetings. While the requirement is only that the student be invited, the deeper goal is to incorporate the student’s voice in planning and decision-making related to postsecondary plans. Students can be coached not only to attend their meetings but also to practice skills that eventually enable them to run the meetings.


  • Letters personally addressed to the student inviting him or her to the meeting
  • Language that is age and comprehension-level appropriate for the student
  • Documentation of phone calls or other personal communication where meeting details were discussed
  • Notes of a meeting between the student and the case manager where the meeting details were specifically discussed


  • Student name included on meeting notification letter to parents
  • Informal conversation in the hallway or classroom where meeting is mentioned
  • Invitation to the meeting comes through the parents


I-13 Requirement

Is there evidence that the student was invited to the IEP team meeting where transition services were discussed? encourage 

Essential Elements adapted from O’Leary (2010), Reviewer Reference Form for the Transition Requirements Checklist

Updated 9/2/21